If you’re wanting something different or can’t quite find the right fit with a factory standard bike, we offer bespoke bike builds in store now.

How It Works...

  • Consultation

    First we discuss what you’re wanting out of your bike and riding experience, as well as your current riding status and your goals.

  • Measure & fit

    We’ll take a physical screening to determine your flexibility, strength, symmetry and range of movement.

  • Build your bike

    This is where we chose frames, colours, wheels, group set and all of the finishing touches to create a fully bespoke bike that is perfect for you.

  • Ready to ride

    We’ll build your bike and adjust to your specific measurements so its ready to ride as soon as you leave the store.

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The end product will be a complete bespoke bike designed by you and fitted perfectly to your measurements and cycling needs. Built by our highly experienced mechanics.

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Please add in the comments in as much detail as possible what you're looking for and we will get back to you with our availability as soon as possible.

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